Gulf Water Management Training Academy

Irrigation System
This full-day course will teach you the irrigation system’s applications for both Agricultural as well as Landscape. This includes topics on Hydraulic fundamentals, piping, fitting, selection for different valves, Sprayer, Emitter etc., and everything needed for the complete Irrigation system.
Electricity in Irrigation System
This full-day course will teach you everything you need to know about electricity in Irrigation application. This course will cover different types of AC/DC Voltage, transformers, proper phasing (primary and secondary), diagnosing problems using different meters, wire sizing for low voltage, communication cables and two-wire systems, DC controllers, sensors, special solenoids, relays and proper splicing techniques.
Manual to Automatic Irrigation System
This full-day course will teach you how to convert manual Irrigation system to an Automatic system from the design to have the full BOQ requirement to achieve the goal. You will learn how irrigation timer works with Solenoid Valves and how to program and also learn what feature different timers have from simple to complex.
Central Irrigation and Automation
This full-day course will teach you everything needed to know how to control Irrigation instruments/valves, etc. from one location. You will learn how the flow data, Wind, Rain and other instrument interact with the full system. Learn the many type of communication available nowadays in order to achieve the goal of Central Control system. Learn about different weather station and ET, Rain gauge and wind and many other available sensors in the market. Some information about SCADA system will be given just to understand the meaning of it.

Training Territory shall be only limited to Middle East